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#39WaystoSavethePlanet is back in Spring with the next ten inspiring ideas from the smartest minds to help cut carbon emissions. With @tomheapmedia @flimsin @RGS_IBG Meanwhile if you missed any of the first ten, get some reasons to be cheerful here ->

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This is excellent and important. Kudos @tomheapmedia @flimsin @DimitriHoutart @RGS_IBG and teams #39WaysToSaveThePlanet (cc @CleanandCool) #CleanAndCool

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Catch me today on BBC Radio 4 at 1.45pm talking with @tomheapmedia on @BBCRadio4 about one way we can save our planet.

A truly innovative series looking at fascinating people's ideas and passion around cutting carbon. #39WaysToSaveThePlanet

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In Siberia, a radical experiment is taking place. Can removing trees and reintroducing musk ox and other grazing animals protect the permafrost from thawing and releasing carbon?
Find out in the next #39waystosavetheplanet with @tomheapmedia & @flimsin

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Letโ€™s hear it for #wool To wear and to insulate our homes

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The Arctic turns climate change assumptions on their head. Eye-opening ideas and mammoth solutions from @PleistocenePark @m_maciasfauria @UniofOxford in today's "39 ways..." with @flimsin @RGS_IBG on @BBCRadio4 1.45 and @BBCSounds

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Nikita Zimov is running a radical experiment to protect the Siberian #permafrost - to recreate the mammoth steppe. Hear what our latest carbon cutting champion is doing in #39waystoSavethePlanet Subscribe @BBCSounds now or @BBCRadio4 13.45.

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Just heard about this remarkable tech on #39waystosavetheplanet on Radio 4. Wondering if partnering somehow with @BBOXX_HQ could be a good collaboration? #solar #Energysaving

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The one about... #legal challenges and #advocacy - Loving this series of #39waystosavetheplanet by @BBCRadio4

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Great to hear about innovations at @OxfordPV on #39waystosavetheplanet today from @tomheapmedia on @BBCRadio4 just now. Pioneering advancements are producing 30%+ efficient #solarpv panels which produce #solarpower more efficiently than current panels. #greenerstuff @BBCSounds

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Really enjoying the @tomheapmedia series....& todayโ€™s focus on @OxfordPV with @SnaithGroup progress on #perovskite application. Huge #solarpower progress likely in the next decade. I wish I was a scientist in my 20s or 30s !๐Ÿ™„ #39WaysToSaveThePlanet #bbcradio4

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If you have 15 minutes today, then I'd love you to listen to my episode on @BBCRadio4 #39WaysToSaveThePlanet.

The new game-changing series by @tomheapmedia. He looks at inspiring ideas being used for cutting our #carbon - in collaboration with @RGS_IBG

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Revolutionising the way our #Food ๐Ÿฅฌ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ“(and medicine ๐Ÿ’‰๐Ÿ’Š) is chilled while transported @CleanColdPower to cut carbon from #diesel but also from #foodwaste. Smart idea 6 on #39WaystoSavethePlanet Subscribe now @BBCSounds #inspiration

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Professor Sara Bernardini @_Sara_Bern_ from the Department of Computer Science @RoyalHolloway spoke to @tomheapmedia on #39waystosavetheplanet @BBCRadio4 about 'Robots of the Wind' - find out more & listen back here:

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๐ŸŽ‰ Don't forget to tune in today at 13.45 on @BBCRadio4 or on demand via the link below๐Ÿ‘‡ #39waystosavetheplanet

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Reasons to be cheerful...6-10. Five more #inspiring #exciting ideas being used for cutting our #carbon have just dropped on @BBCSounds. Download #39WaystoSavethePlanet with @tomheapmedia @flimsin + @RGS_IBG-> Binge now or get a daily boost #climatechange

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Download this podcast immediately! #39waystosavetheplanet

This one features Esnath Divasoni, an insect farmer from #Zimbabwe - one of the most inspirational women I've ever met.

Her vision for how we sustainably feed Zim's growing population is compelling.

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In partnership with the Royal Geographical Society, we present 39 ideas to relieve the stress that climate change is exerting on the planet.

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Do you know what a Blade Bug is?

Apparently it can climb the blades of #windpower turbines and clean and repair them. Clever critter eh?

Find out more at 1.45pm today on @BBCRadio4 in #39waystosavetheplanet from @tomheapmedia. I'm looking forward to learning more. #renewables.

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"A classroom full of girls can help save the world" - @tomheapmedia and @flimsin discuss the impact of securing female education on climate with help from @RGS_IBG @Camfed @MargaretPyke

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#SBNetZero - As 2021 commences albeit via a #UKLockdown, here is @tomheapmedia of @BBCRadio4 with his enviro. hopes & a new series #39WaysToSaveThePlanet via @BBCSounds with both #WindPower & #SolarPower featuring prominently - Enjoy! #OurPlanetNow

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Meet Esnath Divasoni: insect farmer, trainer, leader, graduate..but she nearly had to leave school in her teens. Today's #39WaystoSaveThePlanet asks how #educating and empowering girls can help climate change. A/v now on @BBCSounds or 1345 GMT on @BBCRadio4

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Ep3 of #39WaystoSavethePlanet got my little green cells buzzing๐Ÿฆ . Is there a #CarbonOffset scheme focussing on seagrass and mangrove restoration? If so, as a former Marine Biologist, this is for me. No downsides.
@flimsin @tomheapmedia @Costingtheearth

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Strong start of the year for BBC and sustainability with @BBCRadio4 #39waystosavetheplanet and @BBCTwo Horizon on 'feast to save the planet', helping us make better food choices.. plenty more to come across output soon!!

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Out with rice paddies and in with dry seeding of rice to reduce water use and methane emissions? Interesting 1st of #39waystosavetheplanet by @BBCRadio4. What about social costs of reducing labour needs by 50%? Is @superrice marketed as such?@Rothamsted

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We have set a new world record! Our ground-breaking perovskite-silicon solar cell has been independently proven to convert 29.52% of solar energy into electricity. Read our news:

#perovskitePV #solarpv #energytransition

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