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#BillsMafia   #BALvsBUF #HardToKill #NOTMYHABBO harden   #TheWheel , fitz , #UFCFightIsland7       #Golf8Estate , vardy , condit , werner , goff #MUFC , larmar , digs, tucker packers , #datesfromhell , skai jackson , max holloway , shane , green bay🥲

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⌛ 1️⃣1️⃣ hours.
#MUFC #photooftheday

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Are you ready??
@MrsEmmaEdgar @MrKarlEdgar @GeorgieRastaMay @Misy_utd @lola_united @reshmikasingh @galactico_mufc @KellyFosters @NoraUtd @revell7 @ms_manutd @VintageGiggs11 @lauragreen10


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Today’s game will tell us if we really are in the title race or not.
Come on United!!!🔴⚪️⚫️

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Should offer the FM & twitter tacticians some hope this. Work hard, do your badges, work your way up to manage your dream club and hopefully in 10-15 yrs, you will have the then twitter tacticians shower you with abuse and unrelenting criticism. Sounds good doesn't it. #Ole #MUFC

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#صباح_الخير صباح الانفراد بالصدارة اليوم 😈

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@OkiriMontana @ManUtd @LFC Not a #ManUtd fan but I'm seriously in for #MUFC

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Manchester United great Gary Neville opens up on title chances and Sir Alex Ferguson team talks at Liverpool | @samuelluckhurst #mufc

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Ole Gunner Solskjaer, please don't mess up your starting XI. This is a six-pointer


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🎼Common the reds common the reds don’t lose your bottle just use your heads for 90 minutes to let them know it’s man united here we go .... Glory glory man united🎼❤️🔴


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My predicted lineup for today's match against Liverpool:-

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The last time we(@ManUtd ) won against @LFC at Anfield was back in 2016. Today, we are breaking the long spell by beating @LFC at their home ground. Who is with me in this? We believe in our players and today they are going to make us proud.
#MUFC #LIVMUN #mulive #LiverpoolFC

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Can’t sleep. This game has me so stressed. Actually losing sleep. FFS #MUFC

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I will Create and ANIMATE your 2D CHARACTER or 2D CARTOON version of yourself or BRAND MASCOT saying personalized message.
Click the link

#LIVMUN #MUFC #BillsMafia #animation Harden

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yakin Yotar malem bisa cukup 2-0 #LIVMUN #MUFC #GGMU #ManchesterUnited #pogbom #setanmerah

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big day tomorrow guys!!! sleep well @NewtonHeathKC #MUFC #GGMU

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#BillsMafia  #BALvsBUF #HardToKill #NOTMYHABBO harden   #TheWheel , fitz , #UFCFightIsland7      #Golf8Estate , vardy , condit , werner , goff #MUFC , larmar , digs, tucker packers , #datesfromhell , skai jackson , max holloway , shane , green bay

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James Harden finessed the Rockets for a move 😭
@JackGrealish Take Notice 👀!!

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Matchday it is!!
Huge selection problems for Ole today.
What shape to go with, which players to choose..
We can definitely win this if we get it tactically correct and players are able to execute it as well!!
Glory Glory Man United!! 👊👊

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It's that day again.

The day we fight against the corrupt, the evil, the racist .
We fight against the system.
Every tackle can be a Red card for United. A fair goal might not be reflected on Goal line system. VAR might stop working. Nothing is off the table #mufc #lfc #PL

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#BillsMafia  #BALvsBUF #HardToKill #NOTMYHABBO harden   #TheWheel , fitz , #UFCFightIsland7      #Golf8Estate , vardy , condit , werner , goff #MUFC , larmar , digs, tucker packers , #datesfromhell , skai jackson , max holloway , shane , green bay.

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Bruno Fernandes: “I like criticism, It motivates me.”

You know, some people surround themselves with ‘yes men’, but that’s not me. I want people like my friends on the playgrounds who aren’t afraid to point the finger at me and tell me where I’m going wrong.” #ManUtd #MUFC

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It's a big Matchday! 😁😍🔥😬😌
Few more hours ✨

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Pogba masterclass incoming 👍 #MUFC #LIVMUN

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Bruno Fernandes of being straight to teammates:

“In Portugal, this is how you play football. This is how you communicate. If you say or do something wrong, I’ll tell you about it. I live football like it has to be lived – in the moment.” #LIVMUN #ManUtd #MUFC

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  #ManUtd #仙台 #サッカーバー #ファンタジスタカフェ #宮城

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Shaw is up second for us
Put some respect on his name.

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Keok dari Manchester United Bakal Jadi Mimpi Terburuk Liverpool


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Hope he can get a chance to play against Liverpool ! #mufc

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Solskjaer on if Amad Diallo is the solution to #mufc’s right wing problem: “ Well he’s a exciting young player yeah. It’s a long term signing. You don’t sign a 18 year old that has played 60 minutes in Italy and expect the world from him straight away.” [@stadiumastro]

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Solskjaer on if he bought himself on Football Manager: “ Always. Of course! I was Man United every-time. I enjoyed being Man United because that was my dream but I always liked to try and defy the odds and try to do a lesser club and build something.” [@stadiumastro]

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Bruno Fernandes has already won as many Premier League Player of the Month awards (4) as Cristiano Ronaldo did in his entire Manchester United career 🇵🇹

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Bruno Fernandes has created 53 chances this season in the Premier League, twice as many as the club's second player. [@SkyFootball]

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Why is Mo Salah hanging out with Marco Rashford..????
You can't see this type of Camaraderie before a Derby back in those days 😂 😂 #LIVMUN

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