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Only two days left to get the coolest shirt for St. Patty's Day! Look great and support a good cause! #ForElle #PhelanLucky @Phelan_McDermid @PhelanLucky2213
Click right here:

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Are you #phelanlucky!? Only 2 days left to support my beautiful son Miles & the 2,600 worldwide living w/ @Phelan_McDermid Syndrome. All proceeds support our kids to thrive! Tag #smilesformiles at checkout & thank you for considering! @PhelanLucky2213

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Hey guys I’m #PhelanLucky today supporting @PhelanLucky2213 , a rare genetic disorder. Please check out the link in my bio for more info and to get your St. Patrick’s Day shirt before 1/24/21 to help fund research for this disease! 🍀🤍💚 #pmsf #advocate #22q13 #Raredisease

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We are supporting Phelan Lucky today; @Phelan_McDermid a rare genetic condition.

To find out more and get your St Paddy’s day “Phelan Lucky” shirts please visit

@22q13 @Phelan_McDermid
#phelanlucky #yournewfavouriteshirt

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Do you need some LUCKY in your life? Buy a cool shirt, support a good cause, and spread some awareness. Only 4 shopping days left to support the annual #PhelanLucky fundraiser to raise awareness for @Phelan_McDermid Syndrome!

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Hi, me again. Sharing it AGAIN before there is only 6 days left to get your #PhelanLucky gear!!!! #ForStetson

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@MrBeastYT T shirt for awareness for my daughter's rare neurodegenerative condition! #PhelanLucky

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I ordered mine! 🍀 only a few days left! Get your Phelan Lucky Shirt here and help one amazing cause and one of the strongest kids I’ve ever met! @PhelanLucky2213 #PhelanLucky

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Showing support for the #Phelanlucky t-shirt campaign!

Phelan-McDermid Syndrome is a rare genetic condition that causes a change in chromosome 22.

For more info you can visit .

To order a shirt for a great cause, click below!

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Sharing this again because I'm still blown away. Such a blessings to have @blakeshelton helping raise awareness. #PhelanLucky #forStetson

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@elonmusk Any chance you’d be interested in #PhelanLucky to support kids like my son, Jack, who has been diagnosed with #PhelanMcDermidSyndrome? I’d 💚 to send you #yournewfavoriteshirt!

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Support Phelan~McDermid Syndrome and be Phelan Lucky this St Patrick’s Day #forKyleT #PhelanLucky

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Two weeks left in the #phelanlucky campaign

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The #PhelanLucky T-Shirt Campaign 2021 has started! We have decided to do a group order for this campaign and one of our #PMS mums, Tanith Sherwood, is going to organise this.

For more details please follow this link.

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@blakeshelton Just got my shirt and feel blessed to be part of something so remarkable. Thank you for sharing such a great cause! #PhelanLucky

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Okay everyone! We need to be sure we are #PhelanLucky in 2021. Consider buying and rocking a cool shirt to raise awareness and support this wonderful cause: . My daughter, Elle, has Phelan-McDermid Syndrome..check out the flyer.

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@blakeshelton As an Okie Mama to a beautiful PMS young lady, you just made my heart smile! Thanks Blake! I’ll gladly get you a shirt to put on the wall at Ole Red with pics of our Okie kids!

#PhelanLucky #ForAlyssa

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My nephew has #phelanmcdermid syndrome. Thank you for the support! #PhelanLucky 🍀

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My niece has Phelan McDermid - it’s a very rare and complex disease. This is awesome to have .@blakeshelton helping raise awareness (and hopefully funds). Buy a shirt! #phelanlucky

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@blakeshelton As a mom to a teenager with #PhelanMcDermidSyndrome, I am so thankful you are #PhelanLucky in 2021! I’ve been a big @blakeshelton fan since the beginning and this is one more reason to love you!

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@blakeshelton My wife and I are long time fans! We are overjoyed you’ve decided to use your voice for our daughter’s syndrome and the cause! This campaign has promoted awareness like none other and now you are a part of it. Words cannot express our gratitude! #phelanlucky 🍀🍀

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@blakeshelton Thank you for taking the time to support such an awesome cause that affects so very few! We appreciate your support!🍀 #PhelanLucky #ForKennedy

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Blake Shelton is #PhelanLucky, and you can too! 🍀

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@HanneHansen28 @blakeshelton We cannot thank you enough for supporting. We are so incredibly grateful. Hope you are #PhelanLucky in 2021!

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Y’all join me & start 2021 off by showing kindness to others & #PhelanLucky!!!! Grab your perfect St. Pat's Day shirt before 1/24 & help support kids with #phelanmcdermidsyndrome.

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Thanks for keeping us #PhelanLucky @sharktraffic! Grab your shirt to benefit @Phelan_McDermid at before 1/24/21. Perfect for St. Pat’s Day! 🍀🦈💚

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So grateful for the continued support of @BrandywineBuzz and our #tinybutmighty little star of Delaware! We are #PhelanLucky to live in a state with such compassionate people! #DelaProud #yournewfavoriteshirt 🍀💚 campaign closes 1/24/21.

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Support @PhelanLucky2213 2021 campaign here: — and help build awareness and raise $$ for the incredibly rare Phelan-McDermid Syndrome. As rare as a four leaf clover! 🍀💚 #delaware

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Grab #yournewfavoriteshirt and #ROCKyourshamROCKS for the 2,600 and counting families worldwide who are living with the challenges of #phelanmcdermidsyndrome. Isn't it about time the world was #PhelanLucky?

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2021 #PhelanLucky campaign is “LIVE”. Visit:

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A Google Doodle I can get behind😊 #PhelanLucky seems like a natural fit? In 6 days, you'll have the opportunity 2 support a growing # of families around the🌎 who are living w/ a #phelanmcdermidsyndrome diagnosis by purchasing an awesome shirt. It's that easy!

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.CLOSE! 1 WEEK!!!!
#PhelanLucky doesn't take skill, just a big 💚 & a desire to help make a difference. Make sure to stay tuned for all the specifics! And for the 💚 of all things good in the 🌎MAKE SURE TO RT! It's high time the world was #PHELANLUCKY!

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There are only 2500 people world wide with Phelan-McDermid. Our Nathan is one of them. If you have a giving spirit, please buy a shirt and help@support Phelan research. The t-shirts are pretty cool. #phelanlucky

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3 weeks til the 8th annual #phelanlucky campaign kicks off & we can't wait 4 you to see what we have in store.
Purchasing #yournewfavoriteshirt for St. Pat's Day provides hope, awareness, possibilities, community & funds to an incredible group of families worldwide. Stay tuned!

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