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He’s a must have for the @BuffaloBills in my opinion. #BillsMafia

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Co-host of @TwoBillsInAPod, @GreyBeardHahn, joined @BoyGreen25 on @TheScore1260:

- How big is the gap between #Bills, #Chiefs? #ChiefsKingdom
- Will #BillsMafia be back?
- When will a Josh Allen contract extension happen? How much will it be for?

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Hey #BillsMafia let’s keep the charity going and bring some awareness to mental health that millions suffer with every day, all ya gotta do is RT with the hashtag #BellLetsTalk

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@WerderEdESPN Prepare for #BillsMafia to fill up your mentions

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ICYMI -Morning Bull Podcast 1-28-21: We are paying off our bet w @SlackerKC in #ChiefsKingdom as #BillsMafia always does; #RobertKraft 'film' titles, EARLY tape of @bull97rock on radio & #MLB Ump Phil Cuzzi w a great charity event tonight!

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Can the @BuffaloBills offer anything to the @HoustonTexans to keep Deshaun Watson out of the #AFCEast.
#GoBills #BillsMafia

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#BillsMafia #BBBigBoard2021

Who should be player 4 on the big board?


We expect to rank top 90 players and predict Buffalo's first 3 picks.

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Just looking at possible FA signings and CBS whipped up this article. 👀 GIVE ME JONNU SMITH AT $6M! Lol #BillsMafia

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There’s still time to help do some good for the family of Aaron Colletti! Learn more and order your shirt before Sunday! Presented by @ValuHomeCenters: #BillsMafia

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It’s #BellLetsTalk the only day I really find Twitter useful. Usually my feed is full of @ItsDeanBlundell nonsense or @beaseballnutta talking bout #BillsMafia

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Here is my first Buffalo Bills 7-round mock draft of the year! I go over my decisions in the first three rounds, and then list the players I took at the other picks. #NFLDraft #NFL #BillsMafia

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@reddittrading @ThunderKat00 Be a thunder kat! lmao... #SaveAMC .. #BillsMafia

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@guicho_32 @HoustonTexans You decided on a new team? Join me with #BillsMafia

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.@MikeTanier peeks in the heart of the Buffalo Bills’ offense — can they balance Josh Allen’s emergence with, you know, using running backs?


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A Bills fan wants to trade Josh Allen & a 1st Rd pick for Deshaun Watson???

Thoughts, #BillsMafia ?

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@diegoBphillips It’s not enough bro. I could use every character to describe how bad this shit really is rn but idek where 2 start. If he gets traded fr it’s #BillsMafia idgaf

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@jasmill13 So is it permanent #billsmafia now? Lmaooo

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@BuffRumblings @Safid_Deen @thephinsider I been saying this since Dorsey arrived in Buffalo.. He's a huge reason for Allen growth at QB .. Was hoping he be our next OC #BillsMafia #Bills

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The #Bills are on the doorstep of making the Super Bowl and try to take the next leaps in this 7-round 2021 NFL mock draft.

#BillsMafia #NFLDraft

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Throughout January, @KyleOConnell23 has been ranking the top ten players at each position after the 2020 season. Next up, he continues his series with the receivers. #NFL #NFLTwitter #BillsMafia #ChiefsKingdom #GoPackGo

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Team, family, growth - all themes of Sean McDermott's end of season presser.

The #Bills head coach reflected on his team's great success this season while also setting the stage for a crucial offseason in Buffalo.

#BillsMafia via @Batavia_Daily

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#BillsMafia Just found out the brother of my former girl friend passed away in ICU last night. He was a big fan of the @nyjets For him this is one of those times I’ll make an exception with my heart and say, Reast easy my friend and,

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I'm pretty sure my seasonal affective disorder is directly correlated with the #bills success. #TrustTheProcess #BillsMafia #isitSeptemberyet

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Si yo soy #BillsMafia aprovecho la venta de garage en Houston y ahora mismo ofrezco mi 3er o 4ta ronda de draft por J.J. Watt.

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#BillsMafia Ex Texan here, can I join your @BuffaloBills base? I’m officially trading myself! 🙏🏻

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Can’t be out there trying to catch “piss missiles” from Allen if you can’t catch the softer throws. #BillsMafia

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Tsome feel good for yours Thursday morning #billsmafia

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@wufosports @MCHammer Yes Sir, Muki @wufosports is top notch and will not disappoint! @KimPegula please have @MCHammer at our home opener. We must keep the good vibes going! #BillsMafia

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Ok, my last Bills purchase for a while just arrived. Cutting myself off until late summer rolls around. This is a risky purchase for me because I tend to ruin white clothes easily. #BillsMafia

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And we gone kick y’all ass again #BillsMafia

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Kadarius Toney is so explosive. But he's got to be better about finishing. Back-to-back drops in one-one-one period.

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It’s officially #BellLetsTalk Day!

All day long, Bell will donate five cents to Canadian mental health programs for every interaction listed below.

RT to raise money for mental health programs and learn more at .

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The #Eagles will be moving on from Zach Ertz this season and will be attempting to trade him per @TonyPauline.

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Loved getting this email tonight. #BillsMafia

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