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@ejtwister Hey EJ... GEEZUS! This was a real life fairy tale about a real ogre who wanted to poison us all and cage children, all for revenge over everyone being smarter and better looking. GEEZUS! #GETHIMOUT

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Here’s hoping @afneil can haul our useless Welsh FM over the coals upon his return to mainstream media over his disgraceful and dangerous approach to the CoViD-19 vaccination roll out. #gethimout

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@DAonCBS no brainer Mets GM.....won't even use his name #gethimout #trashtuesday 💩😕😕😕😕👎

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@Mike_Pence Are you kidding? Americans are at war with each other because of your administration! Wake up and smell the lies, deceit and segregation you all are hell bent on protecting!
#Impeachment2 #gethimout #americaatwar #TreasonHasConsequences #karma #wakeup

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@senatemajldr Wow, really? How about you show us and cut the lip service. #Impeachment2 #gethimout #itsyourduty #lier #dealwiththedevil #TrumpFailedAmerica #TrumpIsACriminal

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The pentagon is going to put his #Terrorist ass on a #Greyhound and send him off to Florida! We all just want him to get the fuck out!
#canceltrump #EndTrump #BeEvicted #EvictTrump #GetHimOut

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@ninaburleigh @MuellerSheWrote @AP Keep digging out the receipts. Guiliani, Cawthorn, Jr Don, et ALL should already be under investigation and all #TrumpCrimeFamily Campaign and #RNC funds should be frozen. #GetHimOut Also there is no excuse for him being still in the *Presidency

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@DarraghOBrienTD You should be fired IMMEDIATELY!! #FireDarraghOBrienTD Get this hashtag trending. We seriously need a whole new government. But start here #GetHimOut A disgrace!!! @RTEInvestigates

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@DarraghOBrienTD This man is still #homeless in #Dublin @DarraghOBrienTD @DubCityCouncil @MerchantsQuayIR following the #RTEInvestigates programme #DontForgetMe what are YOU going to do about it Darragh.?

Im sure @AnthonyICHH can help you find him and offer relevent supports..🤫

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The welsh government are getting the vaccine roll out all wrong and there goes our useless MS @JackSargeantAM @fmwales staying quiet about our health but we give interviews about kebabs !! #gethimout

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"To all the people of this country, you will be in my heart forever."

First lady Melania Trump posts a farewell message, saying, "it has been the greatest honor of my life to serve as First Lady of the United States."

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I think he just picked names out of a hat after making his interns write down 5 of their “favorite” historical people. Then he ordered Happy Meal #McDonalds for them for doing “such hard work.” #gethimout

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Telling the truth now!! #GETHIMOUT!!

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@AaronKatersky @LizCho7 He should be put under the jail!! If he were black, what do you think would happen to him!?? #GETHIMOUT!!

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These is how the world look's at use now! Is this the way that we want them to see use? #GETHIMOUT!!! NOW!!!!!!

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"In the U.K., we can look at the U.S. and take that as a warning sign of where things may be heading," one misinformation expert said.

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How the Republican voter fraud lie paved the way for Trump to undermine Biden’s presidency

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My mom has pneumonia on top of covid. And they have no beds so they have to send her home. I can’t help but blame @GovStitt for his HORRIBLE leadership in #Oklahoma. Worthless job actually. You are the reason our state is doing so shitty! #gethimout

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Some statues Trump wants in his garden:
- Andrew Jackson
- Hannah Arendt
- Muhammad Ali
- William F. Buckley
- Christopher Columbus
- Walt Disney
- Grover Cleveland
- Ruth Bader Ginsburg
- Whitney Houston
- William Rehnquist
- Antonin Scalia
- Alex Trebek

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The man really cannot read the nation at all !! #gethimout

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@EzzyNYC @GarrettHaake @NBCNewYork Because this shit show of military is HIS show. Who do you think is in command still? Seriously? This IS the coup attempt! Wake up. Dear God, Biden didn’t ask for this. He can’t yet. This is Trump flexing and he will declare Martial Law and have himself re-inaugurated. #GetHimOut

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Latest update:

Civil servants
The last Parliament
People not believing hard enough
Good times
Seafood exporters

The Government

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Hits REAL different as Jan 20th approaches...
#InaugurationDay #ByeDon #silencehim #gethimout

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And recorded personally inciting violence, so come on New York, disbar him now, please.

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Giuliani’s an accomplice, not a witness.

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I can’t tell you how many people said to me ‘Oh, give him a chance” yeah that went well #GetHimOut

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That’s The Vibe...:-)
#udu #cajon #1957 #fenderstratocaster #Gomé_Drum #jazzcoalition #composition #arrangement #recordingstudio #2021 #gethimout #jazzmusic #worldmusic #music @mcinelu

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Cat, you follow us so how about you take this information to heart: 81 million is more than 75. Sometimes in life you lose. Try to show some grace and respect democracy.

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@stevet_140 QC gets~50% of all transfers from En🇨🇦‼️

LPC-BQ-PPC are on QC team‼️
Don't get too confused by Max' speeching, watch his fingers‼️

Add NDP-GP to coalition & you have a perfect storm‼️

CPC needs 50% of pop-vote & robust majority of seats for 🇨🇦 to survive‼️


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So #Trump is going to pardon 100 people on Tuesday. #gethimout #removeteump

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New Yorker publishes stunning video of Capitol riot via @YahooNews And ALL of them should be put UNDER the jail!! #GETHIMOUT

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Snapped this at the supermarket. The world is watching. They see our trouble and know it will eventually affect them too. #TheWorldIsWatching #ImpeachedTwice #GetHimOut #HeDeservesNoPention #HeCrossedTheLineTooManyTimes

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@cnnbrk That’s for the update #gethimout

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@michaelgove appears to be a right wing sympathising, Trump wannabe. #gethimout

Revealed: Tory MPs and commentators who joined banned app Parler

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@DanRather How can you count what is no longer there @DanRather? Hopefully paintings along with other things have not been taken! #thecountdown #gethimout

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I just watched this and I’m so angry. Even though I know anger doesn’t help. Someone told me, Margarita, it’s like being mad at a tsunami. It’s coming, no matter what. #Impeach #gethimout

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#justgonnaleavethishere #insurrection #helied #enough #removetrump #itsacult #endthenightmare #almostdone #gethimout

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Another day, another stain on the #Trump presidency, as if there wasn’t enough already #BeGone #TrumpTreason #gethimout

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Justice Sotomayor, on the Trump administration’s rush to kill.

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If McConnell delays the impeachment vote, as he says he's going to, he should be charged with all the crimes Trump pardons away in his last days.

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