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 2 months ago

my attractive rich friends and i are trying to pay for your diabetes medication. just shut up and let it happen, you ignorant dipshits!! #CoastalEliteTweet

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 2 months ago

@deadmanlagging @danieltosh There's a ton of things to raise money for. Why should one person pay for it all? Correction, they all should chip in a little, which is why we tax the rich.

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 2 months ago
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@danieltosh Forget the medicin, hire some joke writers

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@danieltosh This is called "winning hearts and minds."

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 2 months ago

@The_RealCommish @danieltosh Do you know how rich you’d have to be for that to actually be your tax rate?

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@danieltosh When is the March?

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@danieltosh You can always write a check.

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@danieltosh Get this man a NYT column

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 2 months ago

@danieltosh hahahahahahahahahahah

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@HannahBuehler Way to represent...Go Bills!!! #BillsMafia

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My wife: “careful you’re gonna get sauce on your Buffalo Bills sweater”

Me: “...it’s a jersey.”

My wife: “same thing”

#NFL #BillsMafia

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Who's ready for some buffalo bills football? Lets. Fucking. Go. #Bills #BillsMafia #NFLPlayoffs

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Okay. I already can't breathe with excitement and the game hasn't started yet.

(seriously, let's go!)


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