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 1 month ago

Join a fundraising event for Different Art Center, a school for differently-abled children in Kerala, organized by SWORAM and Chetana hosted by the magician, Mr. Gopinath Muthukad, on Friday, Dec 4 at 6.30 pm PST.

More details at

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@arrahman @arrahman respected sir, We want to draw ur attention towards making of an indie-pop band with ur guidance and help.we are done with the concept and are in search of a company who can train us. Sir plz trust us we want to share our concept with u, we are confident
Thank you.

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 1 month ago

@arrahman 🌹🌹😍😍😍

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@arrahman Magic for such a wonderful cause , you truly are a beautiful soul @arrahman to support this , wish you lots of success

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 1 month ago

@arrahman Great sir #️⃣🅰️®️®️ #ARRahman

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 1 month ago

@arrahman 💟👌👍

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@arrahman Thalaivaaaa Love you ❤❤❤

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@arrahman You are a pure soul. ❤️

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@arrahman ARR fans ):- 📢

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 1 month ago

@arrahman Atrangi re update

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The "unit" song. The guitar for it... I really like this particular sound.

#원어스 #ONEUS #반박불가 #No_Diggity #데빌

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cette era c'est celle de ravn et xion, à eux et personne d'autres #ONEUS #ONEUS_DEVIL_NoDiggity #원어스_데빌_그누구도_반박불가 @official_ONEUS

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Yo se que con este CB si vamos a lograr el 1st win, recuerden que ahora todo depende de lo digital y el no tener la pre votación nos jodio. Sin embargo no creo imposible el lograr el win

#원어스_데빌_그누구도_반박불가 #ONEUS_DEVIL_NoDiggity #원어스 @official_ONEUS

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oka pero ahora hablemos sobre el break dance del video porque bROOOO MORI
#원어스_데빌_그누구도_반박불가 #ONEUS_DEVIL_NoDiggity #ONEUS #원어스 @official_ONEUS

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