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“Like tryin to fight off a #GNAT” music video with @LyricaLemonade directed by @_ColeBennett_

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@UnsatiatedBlood @Eminem @LyricaLemonade @_ColeBennett_ Bro I swear!
He going in harder than original.
IDC what anyone says.

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@snydxr @Eminem @LyricaLemonade @_ColeBennett_ Facts

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@queenshxdy @Eminem @LyricaLemonade @_ColeBennett_ 🦆 KING

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@Eminem @LyricaLemonade @_ColeBennett_ GET EXPLICIT ON APPLE MUSIC

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@Eminem @LyricaLemonade @_ColeBennett_ Donsong with 6ix9ine

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@Eminem @LyricaLemonade @_ColeBennett_ Haven’t lost a step.

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This is the only thing I have to say about this: The behavior of #kellyanneconway on display in the handful of videos I've watched constitutes child abuse. I know. I'm an abuse survivor.

I get the same feelings from these videos that I got when I was living through it, myself.

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#kellyanneconway has been in my bad books for many reasons, but if this story is true, she should be charged & punished as anyone else for disseminating child pornography. What kind of nasty trash would do this to their own child? Oh wait, abt that Howard Stern interview...

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If #kellyanneconway isn’t arrested for possessing and releasing nude photos of her MINOR daughter, I’m going to lose my mind. Of course it’s just a coincidence that Claudia posted videos of her mother abusing her a few days ago. #JusticeForClaudiaConway

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That's too bad. Her daughter seemed so sweet and well behaved while her mom worked for Trump.

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@KellyannePolls is a pedophile posting nudes of her minor daughter on the Internet. If any of us did it, we’d be hauled away in handcuffs by now. Why isn’t she? #KellyanneConwayPedophile #kellyanneconwayisabusive #KellyanneConway #KellyanneConwayForPrison

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#kellyanneconway was raised by Mobsters, worked for Mobsters (not just Trump) and yet you're surprised she is a terrible mother? The Moral Majority & GOP aligned forces need to ask George Conway why he slithered away from his responsibilities as a father. DiNatale family in S

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What if Claudia set her up? Got a hold of Kelly's phone, added the nude photo then fleeted it out? #KellyAnneConway
IDK I'm just thinking of scenarios. Whichever way, ppl got some explaining to do!!!! & get some help!!

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That LRT was only done to demonstrate just how hopeless those in the MAGA cult really are at this point, btw. #kellyanneconway #justiceforclaudia

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