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CONCURSO DE NAVIDAD: "Siempre hay algo por lo que brindar" ¡Entra y descubre cómo participar!👇@andresiniesta8 #Sorteo #Concurso #Navidad2020

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@andresiniesta8 @BodegaIniesta Ay cuanto te extrañamos Maestro😥 Después del Barça perdiste mucho en casa, te quiero mucho, mejor centrocampista de la historia. Por Dios, no vimos más guapa que tus asistentes y tu fútbol que nos presentabas💔

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@andresiniesta8 @BodegaIniesta 🍷🥂🐮🐮🐮

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@andresiniesta8 @BodegaIniesta @Carles5puyol & @andresiniesta8 future Sporting Directors 👀

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@andresiniesta8 @BodegaIniesta They just don't make such players anymore 😭😭

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Not Caleb already losing 1k followers on instagram. Let's see where he stands when the rest of the world wakes up to the news! #loveislandusa #loveisland Justine

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This caleb guy told justine sher would be a ghosting situation on the outside. Then proceeds to be a bad texter!!! The sickness knows no bounds #LoveIslandUSA

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Why must men lie unprovoked? Disgusted with Caleb. My man actually said “our love is black and unapologetic” you know. These times you were lying the whole time and taking my babe Justine for a clown. Hell is HOT. #LoveIslandUSA

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@cxc0_ don’t worry, I know the influencer thing won’t work out. However, the circus is hiring bozo #LoveIslandUSA

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Justine was really the star of the show


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Omo my #LoveIslandUSA ship don sink. I'm in pain. Send me nude

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He was real with Justine from the jump #LoveIslandUSA

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I don’t know whether to cry or laugh cuz I feel like a mf 🤡🤡🤡 as a fan💔 #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland

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