💝🔛Revoir l'énorme show de @davidguetta depuis le Musée de Louvre, au profit de @UNICEF_france et @restosducoeur

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 2 weeks ago

@UNICEF_Media_Fr @davidguetta @UNICEF_france @restosducoeur @davidguetta 💋💋💋💖❤

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 3 weeks ago

@UNICEF_Media_Fr @davidguetta @UNICEF_france @restosducoeur Bonsoir monsieur David Guetta encore merci pour tout..

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@UNICEF_Media_Fr @davidguetta @UNICEF_france @restosducoeur What did they say?

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Family troubles... sure @lukeming knows all about being #hacked... #SapaoirseGate

" #KellyanneConway Accused of Posting Topless Photo of Her 16-Year-Old Daughter on #Twitter" via @variety

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The latest The Lilach Bullock Daily! Thanks to @TeachHope4 @goncalocvale #kellyanneconway #claudiaconway

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@PragueArtist @indyed123 @_B_RICE_ Can't imagine the type of mother who would make her daughter think this about her mother.

Claudia must've felt YUGELY betrayed by #KKKellyanneKLanway


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JUST IN: $GME Chamath Palihapitiya Jumps on the GameStop Bandwagon

#kellyanneconway @mirzacapital $CYBL $GME $PTOP $AABB

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@KellyannePolls is just trying to be a budget @KrisJenner #kellyanneconway

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NEWS: $GME #kellyanneconway @Schlumpfkanone @ThomasPhilipp6 @tobins @MindMakesMatter @RichardNelsonnn @JrAbbate $CYBL $GTCH $GME $PTOP

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Yo @Twitter how’s y’all lil Birdsong tattletale thing gonna work w something like #kellyanneconway? Like do y’all understand the amount of disinfo this app would have spread if KA did NOT willingly post that shit? How much hate and vitriol @Twitter has vomited into the ether?

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#kellyanneconway is disgusting. She needs to be arrested.

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