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@FLOTUS Thank you Melanie! Tell our President we are still with him!!!

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@MrBazza Profile picture MrBazza 🎬


 1 week ago

@FLOTUS Put sound up 😂😂😂

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@FLOTUS Where’s Donnie?

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@FLOTUS Watch "1.10.21: Hold onto your SEATS! Rough Ride ahead! Pray!" on YouTube

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@FLOTUS Of course. Make it about you. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE is talking about you.

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@FLOTUS Jan 20th will be the path forward

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My #RadicalLeftistAgenda includes cooking pork verde and rice for my son and then some laundry. The #RadicalRight agenda is math-challenged whiners complaining Biden hasn’t fixed the crapstorm Trump and the GOP left him in the 3 days he’s been @POTUS

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@TheRealHoarse My #RadicalLeftistAgenda for today is to apply for a 20-year fixed rate home loan.

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Today is the 3rd day that Democrats and Joe Biden have allowed Antifa and BLM terrorists to destroy and assault businesses and citizens in Portland.

Biden is looking very weak and pathetic......


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My #RadicalLeftistAgenda is to let people know that this is what the FBI found inside #ZipTieGuy’s home when they arrested him.

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I like food and electricity
and stuff #RadicalLeftistAgenda

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#RadicalLeftistAgenda Too funny the Republicans world is over, because they weren't pure, basically the Republican party is the worst thing that has ever happened to the white race, their birth rate is like 1.7 or less now,and truthfully they are simply dying out

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