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Trump must be removed from office. Pass it on.

Pls RT

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 1 week ago

@ricky_martin que decepción contigo vale... al final saliste apoyando a unos corruptos que al final solo querrán dictadura, se nota que no conoces lo que es vivir en comunismo

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 1 week ago

@ricky_martin Yes King, as you command

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 1 week ago

@ricky_martin I agree

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@ricky_martin Shame on you Ricky.

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 1 week ago

@ricky_martin Yessss

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I never regret spending 90 minutes watching the #USWNT

Effort, Attitude, TALENT.


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@USWNT So proud an happy for all the girls they did amazing this match well done #uswnt

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Good night #USWNT family. That was fun. Thanks for the chats.

We have the best midfield in the world - by far.

I continue to be concerned that all of our best forward players are over 30 years old. I'm just not convinced by the young'uns, including Macario. We'll see.

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I guess Colombia played better in their first game against the #USWNT 😖

🇺🇸vs 🇨🇴

#VamosColombia #USAvCOL

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how are we supposed to do anything else tonight when MIDGE. PURCE. #USWNT

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All goals except for one in the last two games were scored by kneelers and I call that ✨karma✨😌 #uswnt

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attacking depth remains such a strength for the #USWNT, and I think it’s possible Vlatko Andonovski made his job a little harder today

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