@MesutOzil1088 @lordofparis #AskMesut will you always remember Arsenal and the song with your name in that the fans sing

Sure – it was an awesome moment when I heard it for the 1st time at the Emirates. That was when I realized – wow, okay, you’ve really done something right and you’re welcomed here and it could make sense to make this to your longest chapter of your career. ❤️🙌🏼

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@Karahannsevincc @MesutOzil1088 Bu fotoğraf ne abi smsndnsbsmdmsnmsm

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@footballthered @MesutOzil1088 Aynen öyle karşim benim 🤩🤩

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@MesutOzil1088 Artık gelde mesut olalım askım he ne dersin ????

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@MesutOzil1088 💛💙

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 1 week ago

@MesutOzil1088 Tanıdığın en kötü teknik direktör kim?

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@MesutOzil1088 Fatih Terim: "Mesut Özil ismi çok büyük, futbolu da çok büyük bir oyuncu."

Mesut Özil: "Fatih Terim'e güzel düşünceleri için teşekkür ediyorum. Keşke kendisi de iyi bir teknik direktör olabilseydi."

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@MesutOzil1088 Bu gece bitmesin istiyorum bu gece hep sürsün keşke bu gece götüme girse...

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The DJ
The Way That I Love You

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Ever had or would have ferrets as pets? #askpunk

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Why won’t you wrestle AJ Styles #askpunk

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@CMPunk I'm late to the Q&A, but have a question... Would you ever want to be a guest on The AJ Awesome Show?? @ReneePaquette has been on the show and hopefully would vouch for me! It would be the best interview you ever did! 😁 #askpunk

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@CMPunk #askpunk you will ever come To India? to meet your fans?

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#askpunk Red or Blue?

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Will @CMPunk be on WWE Backstage again? #askpunk

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#askpunk any chances we could see you appear/ voice act in a video game? And if so any video game you would like to be apart of

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