Together, we'll get through this. Thanks to @albefranceschi for providing 1,000 masks😷for my mate Lawrence and his friends! Greetings from London to Kenya ❤️🇰🇪

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All the best my friend - take care ❤️🇰🇪😷

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@MesutOzil1088 @albefranceschi 💙💛💪🇹🇷👍

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@MesutOzil1088 @albefranceschi ACIKLA ARTIK KENDİNİ

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@MesutOzil1088 @albefranceschi Abim boşver maskeyi gel artık

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@Wolfe321 @nytimes I sent an ultimatum: #RehireLauren or lose a subscriber.

But whether they are impressed...?

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She sounds like a piece of shit. #rehireLauren

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Can you hacks ever NOT go completely around the bend @nytimes? everybody needs to fucking chill with the whole making EVERY LITTLE WORD a red flag, all these assholes are acting like someone flew a plane into a building. #rehireLauren I don't want her job, I want your closure.

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@NYTimes I am a loyal subscriber, but I want to read a paper written by living, breathing, caring people with opinions, that can also express them. These times are different. #rehireLauren

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I see #rehirelaurenwolfe #rehireLauren trending b/c the NYT's fired her for a tweet RE: Biden's plane landing at Andrews Airforce Base.
If I were Lauren, I wouldn't want to be rehired for that petty BS. Hope someone else picks her up!

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