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 1 week ago

Rep. Mace blames both parties for violence in House speech: 'Our words have consequences'

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 1 week ago

@fccgarythelion @FoxNews The other side just executed cops on the street soooooo.....

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@FoxNews Both parties?

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@FoxNews Well bless her heart. 🤦‍♂️

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@FoxNews Uhhh only one parties supporters stormed the capital and killed a federal officer sooo...

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 1 week ago

@FoxNews Holy sanity, Batman!

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@FoxNews Excuse me? I didn’t hear any dems incite anything CLOSE to what happened on Wednesday.

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 1 week ago

@FoxNews Both siding it 😂

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 1 week ago

@FoxNews FFS

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 1 week ago

@FoxNews Both parties? lol.

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Wow. MVP tapped out in like 0.34 seconds.

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Damn is the hurt business going to make it to wrestlemania with all the tag teams belt or even the U.S title? 🤔 #WWERaw

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Let me guess? The way this show has gone Riddle loses? #WWERaw

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Riddle got Heel Hook on MVP, making him submit. Last opponent; Cedric Alexander. #WWERAW

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Well Damm I think riddle beated the rock wrestlemania record. #WWERaw #WWERoyalRumble #RoyalRumble

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Riddle vs The Hurts Bussines es de esas luchas que no tendrá la espectacularidad pero da gusto verla, todo el tiempo dentro del ring y cambios rápidos de movimientos...hasta ahora la mejor de la noche #WWERaw

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Vince McMahon somehow gets a billion dollars from FOX and over a billion from NBC, plus half a billion if you count the Saudi Arabia deal. Say what you want when it come to creativity (aka lack there of), but from a marketing standpoint Vince still has it. #WWERaw

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