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 1 week ago

WATCH NOW: Vote on impeachment underway as Republicans blast Democrats' 'sham' move to remove Trump

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@WeathersMorgan @FoxNews Yeah, imagine wanting to send a message that there are consequences for sedition. 🙃

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 1 week ago

@RickyTheGee @FoxNews No they won’t. People don’t even remember what they had for breakfast on Monday.

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 1 week ago

@NeverEndingBiro @FoxNews They all the same

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@FoxNews Voter fraud at work

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@FoxNews Trumplicans are not Republicans tbh

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 1 week ago

@FoxNews LOL yeah BLAST!

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 1 week ago

@FoxNews Guarding language: “incitement” : Insurrection” : “imminent threat”

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 1 week ago

@FoxNews The GOP Congress will be remembered for a very long time.

By ignoring what Donald Trump was connected with Wednesday we America will not be forgotten.

Do the right thing not the easy thing

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me watching madney and Chris/Carla/Eddie together #911onFOX

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#911onFOX     buck eddie #WWERaw       surprise alexa #TheBachelor       #Bachelor       #bachelorabc    chelsea anna matt  #AllAmerican layla asher

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endgame season five! exactly! #911onFOX

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Umm maybe it’s just me but I think Eddie and Buck need to just get together already. #911onFOX that has to be what his feelings are about.

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