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 1 week ago

@Nissan_R32_GTST @WhiteHouse Demons got elected twice & the best president of all times got rigged out of his 2nd term. The riggers will reap what they sow! Trust that!

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@HornedPoet @WhiteHouse Be more concerned with how China is buying this country up piece by piece and how 225,000 Indians come here every month on temporary visas and never leave and they make it a point not to hire Americans, but other indians.

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@JEandJL @WhiteHouse Like this

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@WhiteHouse Good to see The White House back on Twitter. My friend and I are watching 'The Mandelorian;' so I'll attend to the President's speech later. But I am glad that Donald has enough support to avoid removal and finish strong for a legacy of honor

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@WhiteHouse Greatest president ever

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@WhiteHouse Wow, Trump's superfans have to be surprised at how quickly he threw them under the bus here. But those of us who warned all along he was a con man are not.

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 1 week ago
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@felipeneto Faustão Rosé Globe Felipão Ana Maria Xuxa Sarney HBO Max Konami #topface2021 #MinYoongi #BBB2021 #HBDtoIM

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Feliz cumpleaños a esta personita especial, de verdad es un ser de luz y amor verdadero, además el talento que se carga es excepcional.

Feliz cumpleaños Chang, Monbebe quiere que seas muy feliz y espera compartir mas momentos contigo 💖

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