Some 45,500 years ago, ancient humans on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi sketched out the rotund form of a native pig—the oldest drawing of a creature yet discovered

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 2 weeks ago

@smiffibhoy @NatGeo It’s possibly a sort of signature.

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@smiffibhoy Profile picture Craig


 2 weeks ago

@NatGeo Do you think they spray painted their hands before or after 🤔

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 2 weeks ago

@davidmc1592 @NatGeo Well, it is.

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 2 weeks ago

@NatGeo I knew that artist. They were underpaid and underappreciated. The tribe was always pissed after the hunt to have to stare at the wall and see the slow progress of the art, created by the non-hunting artist they had to feed.

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@NatGeo V.iET.WeSi.NeSiaN.,., I LaUgH ThRoUgh My NoSe.,., PeAce And LovE XoXox

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@NatGeo Bravo!

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 2 weeks ago

@NatGeo More accurate than medieval rabbits

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@NatGeo Tell us how this is racist like you usually do.

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@NatGeo Go pig or go home. Nice!

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@NatGeo That painting fucking sucks I could definitely do better

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 2 weeks ago

@NatGeo this was probably just a grocery list

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Girl I’ve always known LOL #RHOSLC

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Not since “Scary Island” has any season in all of the Housewives franchises had as disastrous and entertaining of a trip like this Vegas trip on #RHOSLC.

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I just can’t with Jen. She is soooo negative and toxic in every single episode. Which makes every single episode so negative. She drags the entire show down. Nothing is ever fun and light. If it’s back next seasons with her, I’m out. It’s just depressing! #RHOSLC

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Unhinged behavior from Jen when Heather visits the morning after #rhoslc

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Meredith Marks on next week's #RHOSLC season 1 finale.

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Someone give me their honest opinion of #RHOSLC? Is it worth watching?

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I love the disengaging concept that @MeredithMarks0 abides by. I’ve totally adopted it. Politely disengage and leave. So much classier than acting a fool in public. #RHOSLC

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