COVID vaccination starts from 16 Jan all over the country. Delhi govt has made all preparations. Reviewed all preparations today.

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 2 days ago

@ArvindKejriwal yaaaaaaaa

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 2 days ago

@ArvindKejriwal modi ji ke khne pd

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 2 days ago

@ArvindKejriwal sir my brother needs help

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 2 days ago

@ArvindKejriwal Great news

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 2 days ago

@ArvindKejriwal Thank you .!

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 2 days ago

@ArvindKejriwal Good job.

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@ArvindKejriwal कुछ भी फ़्री नही आता। Max RT.
#CovidVaccine की जायज़ क़ीमत नागरिकों को कोई परेशानी नही आने देगी।

'देश राजनीति से नही टैक्स से चलता है।'
#COVID19 #vaccine

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@IanMayor Loving it so far. I noticed in the first episode "titles" the Director was listed as Abe Brown...COINCIDENCE?!? I think not...ok it's probably just a coincidence. #WandaVision #SonsOfTheTiger

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WandaVision is creepy and weird. A combination of the MCU meets The Truman Show 🤓

Now if Wanda could just whisper *Mutants* and bring them into this universe that would be 🤯


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#WandaVision I’m STILL speechless 😍😍😍😍

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For the nerds among you, this is a cool piece by @denofgeek on Easter eggs & Marvel/MCU references in #WandaVision. Spoilers within. Link to episode 2 at the bottom of the article.

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Ja, #WandaVision ist schon ganz witzig.
Aber bitte lass die Auflösung nicht so eine Enttäuschung sein wie “The Burn” bei Discovery. 😅

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les gens qui critiquent #Wandavision, je n’ai pas l’impression que vous savez vraiment le « but » de la série. on voit bien que quelque chosd’e n’est pas normal, en plus du fait qu’on soit passé des années 50 à 60 et maintenant 70 ????????

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Enjoyed the first two episodes of #WandaVision looking forward to the rest of the season

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