Parents should resist the urge to dismiss kids’ feelings and instead, model empathy by acknowledging that things are different and tough

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@rockystjohns @NatGeo Most who read this had the same thought. You said it perfectly!

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@NatGeo Then there's my son who could care less and loves that he can spend hours drawing. He does 10 maps a day and they are pretty good for a 6 yr old. Im the only one worried about this. Also the Piano for hours🤷‍♀️ Idk?

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@NatGeo If your neighbors are elderly, don't have the virus. Let your kids visit them. Include them maybe for a social distance lunch, snack. It benefits all.

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@NatGeo Lonelyness? That's incorrect, the solution is to just not feel lonely when alone; I have no issues with spending extended amounts of time without other people

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@NatGeo And, when you listen, see, and feel your child for WHOM THEY ARE, and honor their feelings, they're less likely to join a gang, or cult. They need you, parents.

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@NatGeo Who has the urge to dismiss their childs’ feelings and not have empathy???

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