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McClintock says Capitol attack may not have happened if earlier riots had consequences

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@The_Red_Jays @FoxNews I wouldn’t say that. Trump just caught the most bipartisan impeachment in US history, and there’s a very real chance the senators will convict.

Unity after accountability bc the two sides do want to talk, but not if one side is plotting treason.

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@FoxNews Faux News is at it again

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@FoxNews Many people were arrested from earlier riots

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@FoxNews Great observation

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Oh god here we go #TheBachelor

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When Matt said he and Victoria would be a good match. #TheBachelor

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These original girls could’ve just as easily been a backup and they’re acting as if they wouldn’t have jumped at the opportunity to be a last minute addition too. 🙄

Like be mad at the producers, not the girls who probably applied at the exact same time you did. #thebachelor

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this is the most chaotic bachelor episode i’ve ever seen and I am very happy 10/10 #thebachelor

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Damn, so this dude’s really dating 25 girls at once but i can’t get a text back #TheBachelor

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I’ve never felt such a visceral dislike for a group of women on this franchise. They are some of these WORST women to have been casted. I have a handful of favs but the rest are atrocious and it’s only week 3 or 4?

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Michelle feels very warm #thebachelor

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