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 1 week ago

Pressure on Pelosi to send Trump impeachment to Senate as Schumer, McConnell, trade barbs over next steps

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 1 week ago

@ron81761037 @FoxNews What Twitter has done is free market capitalism though.

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 1 week ago

@FoxNews Send it to McConman and let him sit on it. Then any egregious behavior trump commits in the next week is on him.

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 1 week ago

@FoxNews Why would she send them to the Senate now when McConnell said they won’t be back in session until the 19th? It makes more sense to just wait until the Senate is back.

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 1 week ago

@FoxNews Benedict Arnold
Very curious when the restaurants start creating


I am sure it will be very messy

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@FoxNews Side note, we should totally hold Fox News accountable for their complicity:

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Good morning my friends!
Whew! Blown away by winds up to 50 mph, a bit of hail too!
I had two jackets, tights and still cold!
What a run! Here’s me on the PCH, Pacific Coast Highway! #running #california #MondayMotivation

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[ #MondayMotivation #DéTERREmiNation ⚓] "Comment s'est passée ma journée ? Boarf, comme un lundi... 😅"
Bonne semaine à toutes et à tous. 👊

📸: Les Crocos du @1er_RIMa en instruction TIOR

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Checa el nuevo vídeo de Lily la Amazona @Del_Amazona Dale Play▶️ #LaAmazonaDelSabor 💃🏻🪘 🥁💥 #MV en @Youtube

#25Ene #January #FelizLunes #Monday #MondayMotivation #Playlist #Dance #Chill

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#Mondaymotivation from @alison_vicent, a passionate, optimistic and accomplished alumni of our #PR program @FSU_COM -Merci. #MyFSUComm

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The one who granted me the true mantras is none other than Almighty Lord kabir, who alone is the Real Guru.
For more information, visit Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Youtube Channel.

Lord Kabir Ji

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The name of God is Kavir Dev i.e. Kabir Parameshwar, who has created everything. The God who is immovable means truly imperishable.
- Holy Atharvaveda Scandal 4 Anuvak 1 Mantra 7
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