In an impeachment trial, at least 17 Republican senators will have to abandon Donald Trump. Although that remains unlikely, the principled arguments for convicting him are unassailable

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@TheEconomist Mitch McConnel has postponed the vote on Impeachment, until after the Inauguration. So much for 'principled arguments'!
The Ghost of Andrew Johnson

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@TheEconomist The main aim of this impeachment appears to surround disbarring Mr Trump for running again for President in four years time.

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@TheEconomist "...the principled arguments for convicting him are unassailable". According to The Economist, well-known for its biased and leftist "never-Trump" views.

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@TheEconomist Only if all 50 Republican senators attend. It's ⅔ in attendance that need to vote to convict so less Republican senators equals a higher percentage of Dem senators.

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