America's Treasury branded Switzerland a currency manipulator. Yet our Big Mac index suggests that the Swiss franc is overvalued against the dollar

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@TheEconomist US printing press.

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@Malteaser12 @TheEconomist Oh god I haven’t thought about the Big Mac index in years😀

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@TheEconomist For more than 30 years the Big Mac index has been one of the most revealing measures of currency value available.

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@ProjectLincoln Also Army Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn #thursdaymorning

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“Flirtin’ With Forever” by @WayneBrady Ft. Cat Gray


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Well this made my morning complete
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Something's not right... Joe Biden isn't tweeting constantly twice every hour!1 Where are the attacks against other news sources? Where's his Twitter rage?? And he's up bright and early and not watching 6 hours of TV?! This can't be right!! 😔

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Happy #thursdaymorning Fellow Followers! Here is your "Thought For Thursday" #ThoughtForTheDay
Enjoy and have a great Friday Eve Day! #StaySafeStayHealthy @MortgagePtbo @WeFinanceFun @dgups @petedalliday @Oldies967fm

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“Those who don’t pick roses in summer won’t pick them in winter either.”

– German Proverb

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Wonderful and surprising spiritual knowledge given by Saint Rampal ji base on holy book Bible Quran and Vedas

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