In an impeachment trial, at least 17 Republican senators will have to abandon Donald Trump. Although that remains unlikely, the principled arguments for convicting him are unassailable

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 1 week ago

@TheEconomist There's another option. If 25 Republican senators simply avoid the chamber, then NO Republicans need actually vote to impeach Trump; the 50 Democrats in the chamber would then constitute a two-thirds majority of the 75 remaining Senators.

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@TheEconomist From last night’s news.

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 1 week ago

@TheEconomist Hmmmmmmm! Speechlessly speechless....

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@TheEconomist If they don’t stand up they’re going to say it is OK for the president to watch people get killed while in a TV viewing room partying with this family acting as if it’s like the WWE!

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@TheEconomist That 10 out of 211 House Republicans conscientiously cast aside political party affiliations to stand for the truth that Trump incited an insurrection while 197 of them chose to deny the fact in the 2nd impeachment vote 100% confirms what this book says:

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@TheEconomist 🏆🙏⌛

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@TheEconomist unassailable.

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#transmcyttwtselfieday transgenders are not real. Jesus can save you from your illness

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☾ We’re popping off!!
↳ transmasc, pls no fem comments

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#transmcyttwtselfieday this is my first time doing one of these and idek if i count hdbdhds

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☆ [ #transmcyttwtselfieday]
☆ [he/they/it]
☆ [Ranboo and I have the same aesthetic it only makes sense he's my comfort streamer]

☆ [RTs are pog as hell]

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I am all for #transmcyttwtselfieday but y'all gotta make the hashtag shorter my attention span isn't built for this 😭 I just wanna see all y'all cuties but I gotta do acrobatics in my noggin

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