#AfterTrump talk show hosts will finally have to get new material instead of having spastic meltdowns.

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#AfterTrump I don't acknowledge the Biden Presidency and will be skipping politics for 4 years.

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@LebergerDavid Hahahaa Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy
This #AfterTrump is epic!

Indeed our #WhiteHouse needs to be sterilized B4 #PresidentBiden moves in!

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I will relax
I will love more
I will laugh more

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#AfterTrump what will I do?

The same thing that happened after Darth Vader was destroyed. Party for a bit, enjoy the renewed hope of the universe, then hunker down and prepare for the wave of neo-nazis that will replace him. (Remember The First Order?)

We're not done fighting.

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#AfterTrump I'll respect the Office again, even when not occupied by the person I voted for
#AfterTrump, I'll continue to support politicians & ideas I agree with, & encourage others to register, study the issues, & VOTE!
#AfterTrump, I know who I really didn't know at all

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#AfterTrump we have to defeat the Taliban he summoned made of a lot of the religious right. It will be easy if we have the will. The information war is easy and the real war is easier since they don't have the heavy stuff. Now 100 million AR-15s is 100 million lives lost.

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#AfterTrump I will no longer call trends on Twitter what dockery is afoot.

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