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I love soup and Chipotle. | @100Thieves Content Creator | Merch: https://t.co/4GfFkBcoFK https://t.co/TVcRHzIWQo | Business Inquiries: CouRageJD@loaded.gg


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Yesterday, I was down BAD.

Today, we return to form.

No losses today.

Getting to Diamond.

TO THE MOON (With my rank and your stonks)

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Anyone ever experienced this before?

Last 4 days of Ranked Valorant:

Won 8 games in a row
Lost 8 games in a row
Won 6 games in a row
Won 1 and lost 6 games overall

Same ranks. One day, games feel unlosable. Next day, games feel unwinnable. Why?

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Replying to @LAThieves: 📍 Fairfax & Oakwood


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📍 Fairfax & Oakwood


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I’m not messing around today.

@100Thieves jersey on.

Let’s do this.

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This is it. This is where my life changes.

I go from an everyday average gamer to esports royalty with private jets, magazine covers, and luxury.

It’s time to rank up from platinum to diamond in Valorant.

Watch here and give me your energy:

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Found a lot of joy this week streaming competitive Valorant trying to rank up.

Appreciate all 5,000+ of you who tune in even when I’m not my crazy entertaining self. It’s been a nice change of pace just going full sweat mode.

I promise more “content” driven streams will return

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Dear Twitter,

Today - I didn’t lose a single game on Valorant. We ranked back up and fried every game.

I feel like Captain America when he lifts Mjolnir. This is a momentous day.

What a time to be alive.

With Love,
Uncle Jack

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Replying to @LoganDodson: 🔎🚗 (ft. @CouRageJD's Lamborghini)

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🔎🚗 (ft. @CouRageJD's Lamborghini)

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Replying to @Fwiz: You asked for it, and you got it!

2021 will be a great year for @YouTubeGaming and we're kicking it off with Account Linking for…

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Therapy and recording a second channel video are done

Now it’s stream time

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You asked for it, and you got it!

2021 will be a great year for @YouTubeGaming and we're kicking it off with Account Linking for @CODLeague!

Starting Wednesday, you can link your account & watch CDL to earn items like: weapon charms, emblems, calling cards, XP tokens, & more.

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Tom Brady is the GOAT.

It’s actually insane.

He’s going to his TENTH Super Bowl...

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Oh my god...

McGregor just got bullied right there.


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The last McGregor fight...

Wish we were there in person right now! @Ninja @timthetatman @IamTrevorMay @H3CZ @BasicallyIDoWrk @Nadeshot @VanossGaming

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McGregor wins tonight.


2nd round.

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After losing 6 straight games of Valorant, deranking twice, not winning a single pistol round, and losing 78-29 in total rounds across a 4 hour stream...

I’m never going to recover from this.

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Pain is all I feel.

4 hours, 5 minutes, and 33 seconds on stream.

0 wins.
6 losses.

Deranked from Platinum 3 to bottom of Platinum 2.

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In life, there are many defining moments.

Your first breath.
Your first birthday.
Your first love.

Today, we have another first.

My first time hitting Diamond in Valorant.

Live in 10. Send me your energy.

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Sorry to let people down. Minecraft proximity chat wasn’t working.

Going to pick new teammates and join the Purge this week and grind with them.

For now, playing more Valorant

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The dentist said my teeth are looking good.

Now, I finally join the Purge.

All hell is about to break loose. I have no allegiances.

I’m a mercenary for hire.

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