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Howdy @KeithUrban ! I’m still vibrating from all of this. I have such a deep appreciation for everything you did and how well we collaborated. Love you always my friend. You guys be safe ! ❤️ #greenfields #thegibbbrotherssongbook #vol1

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Watching @jtimberlake and @AntClemons last night was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had of music recently. One of the greatest records ever made ! Congratulations to both of you. Excellent visuals as well. All the best ! Be safe.

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Happy happy birthday dearest @DollyParton ! I hope you have a wonderful day. I send you all my love. Your forever friend.
Barry XOXO ❤️ Watch the full length on #YouTube now .

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Dear @olivianj,
Thank you for singing. Thank you for turning my life around. Thank you for all the years of great friendship. I’m always here if you need me. Oh-yah ! ❤️ BG. #barrygibb #olivianewtonjohn #restyourloveonme #greenfields #thegibbbrotherssongbook #volume1

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Happy Sunday ! Such a pleasure to have my good friend @tommyemmanuel join me and @littlebigtown on our new version of #howdeepisyourlove from my new album #greenfields #thegibbbrotherssongbook #volume1 Out now !

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Don’t forget I’ll be on at @reddit in exactly 1 hour to answer all your questions. #AMA

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Quoted @officialcharts

"You’ve changed my life" - Barry Gibb (@GibbBarry) earns his first solo Number 1 album with Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers’ Songbook (Vol. 1) 🎉

I’m just speechless. Thank you all so much. ❤️

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You can ask me anything tomorrow on @reddit (Friday 01/15/21 at 3pm EST) #AMA

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Thank you to @littlebigtown for joining me on #lonelydays from my new album #greenfields #thegibbbrotherssongbookvolume1 #beegees
Out now ! I hope you all enjoy it ❤️

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I’m over joyed to have sung with you @alisonkrauss .Your music has changed my life. I could not be more proud. #toomuchheaven #greenfields #gibbbrotherssongbook #volume1 #barrygibb #alisonkrauss #beegees

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Thank you to @spotify for all of your support for #greenfields #thegibbbrotherssongbookvolume1

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Get the new album ‘Greenfields’ from HMV on any format to be in with a chance of winning a guitar signed by me.

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.@GibbBarry explaining how the @BeeGees created that infamous drum loop for "Stayin' Alive" is mind-blowing. 🤯 Hear the full #Greenfields album release special on @SXMOutlaw:

Watch the full #Greenfields special hosted by @ShooterJennings now on @SIRIUSXM app or go to

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Happy Sunday Everyone ! ❤️ #BarryGibb #brandicarlile #runtome #Greenfields

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Hers a bit of “Butterfly” from my new album #greenfields - The Gibb Brothers Songbook Vol. 1 featuring @gillianwelch and @TheDaveRawlings

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What makes a song great? @GibbBarry talks to @JasonIsbell and more on the #Greenfields album release special today at 8pm ET on @SXMOutlaw:

Catch my #Greenfields Album Release Special w/ @ShooterJennings @davecobb7 @JasonIsbell @gillianwelch @TheDaveRawlings premiering FRI 1/8 8pET @SXMOutlaw on @SIRIUSXM Ch60 and streaming at

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I’ll be on the The One Show in the UK any minute. 7pm On the #bbc #TheOneShow

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Reminisced with @davecobb7 on #SouthernAccentsRadio about the making of my new album Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers' Songbook, Vol. 1! The full episode which also features @olivianj ,@KeithUrban , and @JasonIsbell , will air tomorrow, 1/9 at 6pm CST, only on @AppleMusic Country

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I’ve dreamed of a project that would bring me together with some of the artists I admire most. This is the album called #Greendfields – The Gibb Brothers’ Songbook Vol. 1. Watch the full trailer here:

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