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A forum of thoughts and perspectives designed to ignite conversations and actions leading to growth, and occasional self promotion. #NeverGiveUp #RiseAboveHate

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Let them have their moment. Time wasted on them is just that, wasted time. Focus on you and your growth.

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If you ignore the chance to absorb the wisdom of life, you succumb to its consequences.

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The more ambitious the goal, the more work it takes to reach.

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If your journey awards you a moment where you experience the feeling of being #1, that does not entitle you to treat others like #2. Be accountable for yourself and your actions thru the lows and the highs.

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An honest relationship is just that, honest. If it’s not, then, it’s not.

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Empathy is a precious attribute. It has tremendous value, takes effort to cultivate, and becomes more and more rare each day. Even the smallest doses of it can yield life changing results.

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There is no schedule for inspiration. Whenever inspired, embrace it.

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Don’t let the burden of wanting to be remembered outweigh the importance of remembering to live.

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Stop making failure a bad word.

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Revenge is a tough way to live. “I’ll be happy once I make this person miserable, or see them fail”. You may experience a moment of satisfaction, but will do little to address why you feel those things and you’re true joy.

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Having mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day is understandable, but never shut love out of your life. We all have ups and downs, be brave enough to let love in. Everyday.

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Some days we are rewarded with the victory, Some days we are rewarded with the struggle. Each day we are rewarded with the gift. Act accordingly.

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Simplify complexity.

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Worry less about standing out and concentrate on standing strong.

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Do not get lost in the acceleration of others as it pertains to yourself. Knowing the landscape is important, but each day the biggest competition will be you.

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