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The media is also a part of "the blob" that Dominic Cummings despised. His planned war on the papers and broadcasters did not come to pass either

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Japan’s rapid decline in deaths from strokes may be partly explained by the rising consumption of meat and dairy

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Why not charge satellite owners for the right to put something into orbit and keep it there?

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Lots of ordinary people in China take covid-19 seriously in a way that is not always true in the West

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About a quarter of small baseball clubs, mostly in Appalachia and the rural West, have been cast out of the farm system, and are likely to wither

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The inside story of the NHS’s struggle against coronavirus From @1843mag

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Relations between Joe Biden and Jair Bolsonaro, the president of Brazil, are likely to be strained

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Angela Merkel’s party has committed itself to maintaining her centrist course with their pick for her successor

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Social-networking firms such as Reddit, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, Pinterest and Discord have all taken action against Donald Trump’s accounts or hashtags

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Revenues at the video app have soared in recent years, reaching $3.6bn in the first six months of 2020

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In 2020 the global wave of protests crashed into two big barriers: covid-19 and social-media savvy opponents

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What does it mean to lose in style? @1843mag studied history's best-known losers

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Wearing a yellow mask is a sign of resistance. But the Communist Party is clamping down on suppliers

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After years of prevarication, politicians are at last taking the idea of raising the age of consent seriously

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Ex-royals, embodying a sense of place, fitted perfectly into a revival of old rituals after the fall of Suharto, Indonesia's strongman of 30 years

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The move by the Department of Justice bears striking similarities to the antitrust suits filed against Facebook

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The research team at Sumitomo Forestry argue that making satellites from wood offers advantages over other materials

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The world must seek a better way of dealing with speech online than allowing tech oligopolies to take control of fundamental liberties

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The case for impeaching Donald Trump was unassailable. The Senate should move fast to convict him, too. Our cover in North America and Britain this week

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