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I love how Justine is so true to herself. This might be a post #LoveIslandUSA clip but her feelings about love and vulnerability then, are valid even now. I really appreciate this about you @JustineJoy312 ❤👌🏾 Keep your light burning. Never give up on love queen

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So @noahcent went to Cape Town and didn't decide to stay in South Africa forever🤔. I'm perplexed

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🎵5 years later and Im still yours, 10 years later and Im still yours,50 years later and Im still your beginning and middle and end🎵😭 #toalltheboysalwaysandforever

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🎶🎶Will you be my beginning, my middle, my end 🎵🎵 😭😢 #ToAllTheBoys3

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I really didnt think I would like these #ToAllTheBoys movies but I binged all 3 today🥰🥰 LJ and PK forever

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Fun Fact: Zac Clark and Tayshia Adams will be together forever❤😏 #BachelorNation #TheBachelor

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The other guy must be happy the heat is off him for now. Watch fake cerebral post a sponsored IG post shortly. Dont let him get away with nooothin #LoveIslandUSA

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Heeeh man what is happening on this here tag?? #LoveIslandUSA

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Someone said Adam is gonna end up being a cat 😂🤣😂😂. It's not funny but it is #BehindHerEyes

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David and this Louise deserve each other. Sorry to the girlies😢😓. Men are trash🤮 #BehindHerEyes

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Zac and Tayshia really have my heart. Such a cool, genuine, unbelievably sexy duo. Just wow

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After some careful consideration I hope Max and Tully dont get back together s2. They tried, it didnt work. And thats ok. #fireflylane #FireflyLaneNetflix

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Dontttt lieee😭 @NetflixSA do we have Shutter Island now??????

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Quoted @Celybird

Justine’s sisters are my sisters lol

When are ya'll doing the #Jerusalema challenge together?

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Hats off to @KatieHeigl and @sarahchalke #FireflyLane #FireflyLaneNetflix is a wonderful show. Congratulations🎊. Cannot wait for s2.

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Tully wearing Max's clothes😍😍 #FireflyLaneNetflix #FireflyLane

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Tully never told Max she loves him😭😭 Ever. Actually he deserves better #FireflyLaneNetflix #FireflyLane

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Please Tully and Max 😭😭😭😭 Fix it season 2 #FireflyLane

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