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.@iamwill shape shifts through music, but he's also dedicated to the ideas of the future. @zanelowe talks to him about his #AmericanDreamFund campaign and more:

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.@NopalitaMami goes on a quest to understand what it means to love, mourn and remember Selena. Listen to Anything For Selena from @wbur and @futurostudios in English or Spanish:

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You've heard of Ghislaine Maxwell, but there's a shadowy figure who hangs over her - media tycoon Robert Maxwell, her father. Power: The Maxwells investigates the mysterious circumstances of his death.

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Get a glimpse into what happens in the mind of a creator as they bring iconic works to life on Spark & Fire. Hear about the creative journey of #PixarSoul from its co-director @Powerkeni, including how he fought to keep a beloved scene from getting cut.

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Are you too hard on yourself? Dump your inner drill sergeant and be a kind coach as you look to achieve your goals with tips from The Happiness Lab.

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.@NPRLifeKit is here to help you think through decisions big and small - from saving money, to making a hard decision, to organizing your photos. Get help here:

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Join @Kulap and @suchinpak for a subversive take on consumerism on #AddToCart. They share what they're adding to, or removing from, their carts.

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Unshaming believes that shame exists because representation doesn't. Hear stories about growing up low income, mental illness, experiencing failure, and more.

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.@Karamo talks to @danbharris about how to practice self-love - and why doing so is the opposite of selfish. Listen to the @10percent podcast:

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After growing up on the set of Harry Potter, @James_phelps and @oliverphelps are thinking about what it means to have a "normal" childhood. They talk to other friends who stepped into the limelight at a young age and find out what normal means to them.

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Find a feel-good show in our collection of funny and positive podcasts.

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All eyes are on Georgia and its two January Senate run-offs after the state's historic flip to blue in 2020. Gaining Ground takes you to the frontlines of this pivotal moment and talks to local organizers, strategists and voters.

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Get inspired and motivated for the new year with @brenebrown. She reflects on the magic and messiness of what it means to be human on Unlocking Us:

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.@RealHughJackman digs into lessons learned, routines, favorite books, meditation and more on this favorite episode of the show.

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.@iamjamiefoxx shared untold Hollywood stories, workout routines, and his habits for success. Throughout the interview, he also played live music and showcased his impersonation skills.

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.@BreneBrown joined @tferriss to talk about striving versus self-acceptance on this memorable episode.

 29  1  3

.@JackKornfield trained as a Buddhist monk and has had a profound impact on @tferriss's life. The two talk about finding freedom, love, and joy in the present.

 50  2  7

In this episode, @tferriss scored an interview with Jim Collins, an author and great mind in the business world.

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In "The Relationship Episode," @tferriss brought on psychotherapist @EstherPerel to talk about her experiences with everything from polyamory to honesty in relationships.

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