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81 Days of Streaming!!!! in the thick of it! Everyday from 2PM-6PM or later Central Time! Be there or be that shape with 4 equal sides!

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Thanks to every single person who enjoyed the Music Video! Means the world to me! We are the most #chill and #vibe stream on the twitch. Hope the video represented that overall.

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Rules Of The Chat Official Music Video

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Okay! My Music Video "Rules Of The Chat" Premieres On Here (Twitter) at 12am CST! Will Be On Stream Tomorrow!

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Guys. My new music video for the stream “Rules Of The Chat” will be ready any day now! I worked hard on it and it feels like a child to me.

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Special stream in 15 minutes! Opening a package from a viewer! Sneak Peek at my new music video! A new Hot Sauce! And Geoguessr of course!!!!!

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Finishing up some last minute shoots of the “Rules of The Chat” Music Video!

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I can feel the Covid in this Walmart I’m in

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As it turns out my current schedule of 2-6 CST is not working out as well as I had hoped *sad face* because of this I think I might have to retreat into my old schedule of about 8pm -12am. It’s a little unfortunate but it’s the only way I can really balance life right now.

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Been having a great time Streaming Valheim lately! Truly a great game! Will be opening a package from a viewer on Friday with spicy stuff to eat while we play Geoguessr! And Tarkov on Saturday! This is all!

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We have hard water apparently and it sound too sexual for me to even process

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Power did a sneaky last night and turned on from 11:45 last night till 11:52! It was a wild time! Anyway finally back on as of 8 this morning.

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Well this is my last tweet I’ll have before my phone dies. Powers out and stuff, just ate 3 bowls of cereal in one sitting, and we gots us a candle burnin! See you after I’m done being MIA!!!

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I don’t know what’s worse not having internet or not feeling my feet due to coldness

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Might run a little late though. Playing in snow

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Stream Starts in about an hour and 20! You can do that crazy math to convert it into all minutes! Gonna be doing Rainbow 6 again! Hope to “chill” and “vibe” because that’s our channels thing, no one else’s.

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Whether your single or in a relationship just know that today is the 45th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar.

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Replying to @TheVarDaMan: Just... wow. From 8 to 14 to 21 avg viewers. Thank you @epicwainer for kicking us off with a thic raid and a huge thank yo…

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Just... wow. From 8 to 14 to 21 avg viewers. Thank you @epicwainer for kicking us off with a thic raid and a huge thank you to @ivannaamae for raiding us with the thiccest raid we’ve ever experienced!!! Everyone that hung out, you all are amazing and I can’t wait for next time!❤️

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4PM PST or 5PM MST or 6PM CST or 7PM EST or whatever time that correlates overseas is when we go live today! Trying the new Hot Sauce and “vibing” to YouTube videos!

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I had a great 3 hours of sleep broken up into 15 minutes at a time last night! I think I’m just some sort of advanced hybrid of human who is adapting to not having sleep

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