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IPS(Retd), Former LG Puducherry,Phd IITDelhi,Nehru Fellow,Biography l Dare, Author,Magsaysay Awardee, AsianTennisChampion,NGOs: @IVFoundation & @NavjyotiIF


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Bhagavad Gita for Children and Us. Today’s session was on
“How do we handle Fear”
Hosted by @DemonstrativeLE and #SafeShop @SainaBharucha

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भगवान कृष्ण के श्लोकों से सीखे, डर का सामना केसे करे।
आज शाम 4 बजे - भागवत गीता LIVE

इस कार्यक्रम के रचिता @DemonstrativeLE और @safeshop_india_

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From weekly book reading sessions to now a fortnightly #BhagavadGita ki Shiksha for Children, focusing on One Human Emotion per session.
Listen in with me on “Fear” at 4 PM today.

Join the LIVE.

A brain child of @DemonstrativeLE & @safeshop_india_

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Jai Dhari Maa 🙏
Narrated by @SainaBharucha also for @DemonstrativeLE

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Session 34...Friday Book Reading with children, continued from my
Delhi Office...

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The weekly, Friday Book Reading session with children.

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Every Friday Book Reading session with children...1/1

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Book Reading & LIVE Interaction with Children - Session 34 | Every Friday

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Jai Dhari Maa. 🙏
Narrated and contributed by @SainaBharucha also for @DemonstrativeLE

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Life long friends...Yipeee. 🌞

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I could not have asked for more.
This is called DIVINE GRACE. 😇@IVFoundation

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A day of abundance of love.
My 26+years old @IVFoundation served thousands of families of inmates and their children all along the pandemic.
The donors too stood by.
We thank them. All together served with a missionary spirit.
While protecting themselves.

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Jai Dhari Maa 🙏
Narrated by @SainaBharucha also for @DemonstrativeLE

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Good #MorningNutrition
A Daily Prayer.

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Sorry to say that the problem still remains..
There are many more such like protruding branches on walkway
in Lodhi Garden.
Walkers please be aware. @ndmcscl @DelhiPolice @LtGovDelhi @CPDelhi @htdelhi

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Quoted @BediUjala

A glimpse of Vivaan Music Festival, an annual celebration of #VivaanMusicSchool supported by @VRFerose, who spoke about music's power to harmonize one's mind and body. We thank him for helping the children of the foundation.
@thekiranbedi @NavjyotiIF

Versatile @NavjyotiIF using music as a therapy for children of special ability.
Supported by donors like @VRFerose and thanks to Foundation leadership given by
@BediUjala @neetusjoshi @Chandni_Bedi @SainaBharucha for keeping up the creativity even in #pandemic times.

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Purpose of my life.. Self Reliance.
@NavjyotiIF @IVFoundation @DemonstrativeLE

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